Is this the best time to remortgage?

Posted on April 25th, 2015

Is this the best time to remortgage?

Well it depends on your individual circumstances and equity in your property. The best deals on the market are for those with 35-40% equity. Rates starting from 1.45% with the RBS. Arrangement Fees play a role and many of the lowest product rates come with high fees attached (speak to an adviser). For an 85% loan to value, rates start from 2.15% with the Coventry BS.

Yes it is a good time to remortgage and reduce your monthly mortgage payments especially if you’re sat on a lenders standard variable rate (see SVR below). Best to speak to a whole of market mortgage broker to compare your existing mortgage to a new product. We will calculate the cost to set up and the savings you make.

You may prefer a longer fixed rate, again call us if you need advice, we have access to the whole mortgage market.

Halifax 3.99%
RBS 4%
Woolwich 3.99%
Virgin 4.79%
Leeds BS 5.69%
Accord 5.79%
Skipton BS 4.99%
Santander 4.74%
Nationwide BS 3.99%

If you’re unsure what your lenders standard variable rate is, please call us…